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Apartment Building

What is PPA? 

Premiere Property Assessment is a certification program created to identify elite properties in the community. Having a PPA rating gives potential tenants, renters, and clients an easy way to identify high quality residences.

Who Assesses my property?

Our team is comprised of licensed inspectors that are InterNACHI, CCPIA and ASHI certified. Our team also includes experienced professionals from every field... engineers, electricians, plumbers and heating & cooling specialist.



On Campus

Why Get a PPA?

STAND OUT in the community. Not every property meets the standards to receive a Gold PPA rating. Boast the high quality facilities and residences you have with a Gold PPA. 

ATTRACT TENANTS Deciding on where to live, rent or stay is a big decision. Choosing a Gold PPA property makes that choice easy. In a competitive market people are willing to pay for quality.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT Property management teams get motivated by goals and a desire to reach success. Maintaining Gold PPA standards sets a goal for your team at all the properties you own.

Achieve Gold PPA Standards for your Properties


University Housing

Rental Properties

Vacation Rental Properties

Apartment Complexes

Commercial Properties

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